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Gutters are a key system that not only diverts the water where you want it to go but it also protects your homes Structure from water damage. We offer a full interior gutter cleaning service. 

Gutter Clean Out

No more having to risk climbing or moving a ladder all around anymore when you call Bubble Truck Window Cleaning to help you with your gutter clean outs. We hand clean your gutter systems to remove all of the debris. 

Thanks for your interest in gutter cleaning with Bubble Truck Window Cleaning.


Here is your basic prices (these are rough if you need more exact we can do a free estimate) for gutter cleaning:

PLEASE NOTICE: There is WA State Sales tax of 10% required above the total gutter cleaning invoice..

We charge $100 per 1000 sqft of house roughly ($165 minimum) Examples: 1000 sqft- $165, 2000 sqft – $200, 3000 sqft – $300. To get the price of your home, take (Your home sqft) X .1 = Your Price. The minimum is $165.00.

It is commonly:
1 story 1,500 sqft. – 150 feet of gutters $165-$200
1 story 2,000 sqft. – 160-180 feet of gutters $165-$225
1 story commonly $1 per foot of gutter line ($165 minimum)

2 story 2,500 sqft – 200 feet of gutters $100-$250
2 story commonly $2 per foot of gutter line ($165 minimum)

3 story We must do a physical estimate. We might not be able to do it, we can refer you to someone who can. If so, add $75-$200 to above pricing.
3 story commonly $3 per foot of gutter line ($165 minimum)

Extra costs: to unclog downspouts, cleaning under screening (like gutter shield, gutter helmet, and such), clearing and obstruction- ($50-$100), If there is a long time since the last cleaning, larger square footage of the house, unusually steep roof pitch, or landscaping in the way of the gutter cleaning..

We commonly put the gutter waste in your yard waste container; but sometimes the yard waste container can get too full to move to the sidewalk. If so, we just put the gutter waste in the plant life in your yard as it resembles compost/mulch.

This is a service where we do need to know where the AC power outlets are. We commonly use outside power outlets, but we can use one inside the garage or house if need be..

Thanks so much for taking a look at Bubble Truck Window Cleaning for your gutter cleaning needs..please feel free to call, text, or email to set up a time to get the gutters cleaned with Bubble Truck Window Cleaning..

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Had windows done and they did a wonderful job. They were thorough and yet was done in an efficient manner. The screens were also cleaned and the windows were completely streak-free. Don’t hesitate to have the bubble truck come by and clean your windows.Mary Gage


“We have had our windows cleaned multiple times now by Adams and have been very happy each time. Very reasonable pricing and great communication. Our windows look amazing and the kids love his bubble truck!” Kevin Lewis



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